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Acoustic Panels

Noise control has become a key feature of design in modern buildings and a problem to be resolved in the refurbishment of the old.

TFS have the technology to provide a range of panel based solutions for use in new and refurbishment projects from domestic flooring to industrial noise suppression.


  • Diverse range of substrates including plasterboard, plywood, cement boards, particleboard and rigid GRP / metals can be bonded to acoustic matting
  • Permanent or semi-permanent adhesive bond
  • Custom made panels to client specification
  • Access to a diverse range of control barriers including foam, rubber, fibre
  • Small or large quantities
  • Acoustic Panels can be processed with decorative finishes to face

Typical Applications

  • Acoustic Flooring to meet current building regulations
  • Upgrades to existing installations
  • Acoustic Wall Panels
  • Acoustic Ceiling Panels
  • Industrial Noise Control Panels

Market Sectors

  • Housing
  • Construction
  • Retail
  • Industry
  • DIY

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