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Trade Fabrication Systems LTD (TFS) :: Thermal Insulated Panels

Thermal Insulated Panels

Legislation and ever increasing energy costs are a strong influence on change in the specification and usage of building products.

The TFS range of insulation solutions include the bonding of rigid foam and rock fibre insulation to an array of substrates for use in wall, roof, soffit or flooring applications.


  • High quality factory bonding for consistent  performance
  • Substrates include Plasterboard, Exterior Grade Building Boards, Class 0 Building boards, Plywood and Particleboard
  • Client choice of Insulation thickness and type  to suit the application
  • Available in small or large quantities

Typical Applications

  • Insulated Floor Systems
  • Insulated Loft Panels
  • Insulated Roof Decking
  • Soffit Liner Boards
  • Insulated Wall Panels

Market Sectors

  • Housing
  • Construction
  • DIY
  • Mobile / Modular Buildings
  • Agriculture

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