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The bane of every house builder is the unpredictability of the weather which can cause costly delays and provide health and safety issues. Fortunately TFS have been at the forefront of providing solutions to the leading builders for many years.

The TFS range of protective films have evolved with the changes in building practice and kept pace with Health and Safety legislation. Our coating technology ensures a high quality corporate image can be maintained on the hoarding around every site.

Peel Off Floor Films

Peel-Clean protective films which can be installed prior to the roof and provide a safe working platform for the builder.

Peel Off Protective Films

Tough scratch resistant films applied to pre-coated smooth surfaces to help to protect the surface from damage on wall, floor or ceiling panels.

Water Resistant Floor Coatings

Highly durable weatherproof coatings provide a working platform and finished surface ready for floor coverings.

Exterior Decorative Coatings

Using state of the art technology TFS are able to provide a range of decorative surface coatings including water based paint and UV cured acrylics on a diverse range of substrates.

Thermal Insulated Floor / Wall / Ceiling / Roof Panels

The TFS range of insulation solutions include the bonding of rigid foam and rock fibre insulation to an array of substrates for use in wall, roof, soffit or flooring applications.

Acoustic Floor / Wall / Ceiling Panels

TFS have the technology to provide a range of panel based solutions for use in new and refurbishment projects from domestic flooring to industrial noise suppression.

Pre-bonded Breather Membrane

TFS Pre-bonded panels can help to improve thermal performance by offering a more effective barrier to air leakage.

Fire Retardant Coatings

Water based Fire Retardant Coatings certified to Class 0 including clear and coloured treatments are available on a range of substrates. Plus clear and coloured intumescent treatments.


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