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Fire Retardant Coatings

Fire by its very nature is a frightening aspect of building safety. Architects and Building Engineers are faced with a myriad of issues when attempting to design fire control mechanisms into buildings and structures. TFS offers clients a number of options assessed to British and European Standards in this area including Class 0 Films / Foils, Water / Non Solvent based Fire Retardant Coatings certified up to EN Class B when applied to a range of substrates including clear treatments and coloured Intumescent coatings. Unlike traditional impregnation systems factory applied surface treatments generally do not affect the original structural performance of the host panel – particularly important for structural design elements in timber frame construction.


  • Factory controlled application
  • Retained Structural Integrity of coated panels
  • BS 476 Part 6&7 Class 0 Certified Performance
  • European Standard EN13501 approved
  • Clear Coatings to preserve the natural appearance of the substrate
  • Range of Colour options


  • Construction
  • Housing
  • Retail / Shopfitting
  • Mobile / Modular Buildings

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