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Floor Coatings - Domestic

The climate in the UK provides a challenge to even the most experienced builder and typically results in costly delays to the build programme. An 18mm or 22mm thick particleboard floor is now required to perform as a working platform during the construction process prior to the building being water tight. On completion it needs to be cleaned down and become the finished surface ready for floor coverings on hand over to the client.

TFS have introduced a range of coatings specifically designed to provide answers to those issues. Supported by independent testing we are confident we have the right product for your application.


  • Highly durable finish to provide a minimum of 42 days exposure to the elements
  • BBA Certification to verify performance
  • Use with exterior grade D4 adhesive to all joints to provide water proof deck
  • Resistant to general wear and tear during build process
  • Ensures particleboard retains structural integrity
  • Available on particleboard, plywood, cement based boards

Typical Applications

  • New build house floors
  • Multi-usage timber framed buildings
  • Modular buildings

Market Sectors

  • Housing
  • Construction
  • Mobile / Modular Buildings

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