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Trade Fabrication Systems LTD (TFS) :: Packaging


Logistics management has become a key part of modern day living with an increasingly diverse range of goods being offered and demanded by clients across the globe. Ensuring goods arrive in their original condition is a key requirement for any logistics manager.

TFS have a range of solutions to satisfy those demands including slip resistant coatings for pallet tops and antibacterial films for transport of food stuffs.

Slip Resistant Coatings

Factory applied decorative performance coatings for retail floor and mezzanine deck applications.

Decorative Coatings

Using state of the art technology TFS are able to provide a range of decorative surface coatings including water based paint and UV cured acrylics on a diverse range of substrates.

Antibacterial Films  (Performance Films)

Independently certified antibacterial films for use primarily in the food packing and agricultural industry.


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