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Trade Fabrication Systems LTD (TFS) :: Retail / Shopfitting

Retail / Shopfitting

Presentation is a primary requirement in the retail environment to project the right image and attract customers. Store owners are highly tuned to running costs which include rental, fixtures and fittings.

Space is a premium commodity particularly in the city and ensuring maximum return on capital employed is critical. TFS can provide high quality finishes satisfying the most demanding clients utilising the very latest offerings from coating manufacturers.

Decorative Coatings

Using state of the art technology TFS are able to provide a range of decorative surface coatings including water based paint and UV cured acrylics on a diverse range of substrates.

Mezzanine Floor Treatments

Factory applied decorative performance coatings for retail floor and mezzanine deck applications.

Fire Retardant Coatings

Water based Fire Retardant Coatings certified to Class 0 are available on a range of substrates including clear treatments and coloured intumescent coatings.


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