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Trade Fabrication Systems LTD (TFS) :: Films


The application of protective films for use in a diverse range of applications has been the core competency of TFS since inception. Initially developed as a Peel Clean protection to domestic chipboard flooring in 1988 the subsequent BBA Certified versions offer high performance slip resistant build platforms for cost conscious national house builders.

TFS offer Peel Off and Permanent bond films applied to a diverse range of substrates to provide cost effective solutions for a broad spectrum of markets.

Peel Off Floor Films

Peel-Clean protective films which can be installed prior to the roof and provide a safe working platform for the builder.

Peel Off Protective Films

Tough scratch resistant films applied to pre-coated smooth surfaces to help to protect the surface from damage on wall, floor or ceiling panels.

Class 0 Foil / Film

Class 0 and Class 1 film or foil pre-bonded to a range of substrates fully supported by independent fire certification.

Antibacterial Film

Independently certified Anti-bacterial films for use primarily in the food and agricultural industry.

Waterproof Films

Providing a high performance barrier for applications were the necessity for a clean environment is paramount.


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